Want to be aBetter Leader?

Our learning platform brings you the latest leadership thinking аnd helps you learn it faster.


See yourself performing the target behavior


Learning when and where you need it via a web browser


Extensive academic research demonstrates real impact

How does it work?


Imagine watching your future self, in avatar form, doing the skillset or behavior you are trying to master


Your virtual coach then helps you deconstruct the critical elements of the task


Next you record your mini-movie with the system, a live coach or a learning buddy


Upload your footage to the platform


Get personalised coaching feedback within 24 hours!

Try it out?

We’re looking for users who are passionate about pushing boundaries in learning technologies and want to be on the ground floor to help us beta test the future Experience Accelerator platform. Help us improve the platform by joining our testing program. When you sign up for the program you will receive the newest software versions before they are publicly available.

To be an Experience Accelerator beta tester, you will need to:

  • Be willing to periodically complete short testing assignments that include specific tasks and procedures
  • Receive pre-release beta software updates that may exhibit some stability issues, including occasional crashes, freezes, interface issue, etc.
  • Report bugs, issues, feedback on a regular basis via e-mail, forum posts, and surveys
  • Sign and acknowledge the Experience Accelerator NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for confidentiality purposes
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Coaching value proposition

Are you a formally trained executive coach who would like a regular stream of business easily delivered on your schedule? Are you interested in helping to develop a revolutionary coaching tool which can scale up your impact significantly? Do you have Artificial Intelligence programming experience?

If you check at least one of the above three boxes, we’d like to hear from you. Be part of the next frontier of coaching – it’s going to be a thrilling ride!

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Are you certified coach?

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Are you interested in artificial intelligence?

Angel Investor value proposition

  1. Behaviour change is hard to achieve and limits our potential in work, relationships and learning.
  2. The pace of work today means that the average worker has only 1% of their workweek to focus on training & development.
  3. Millennial and post-millennial workers expect digital technology to support their learning (and that learning to be acquired at pace)
  4. 56% senior learning professionals believe millennials need soft skills development.

Four extremely compelling challenges that are changing the face of professional education – the market size of the global corporate E-learning market is predicted to reach close to $31 billion by 2020. Our flexible, scaleable business model and access to the market via multiple channels makes our innovative learning platform an exciting investment to explore.

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