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Our learning platform brings you the latest leadership thinking аnd helps you learn it faster.


See yourself performing the target behavior


Learning when and where you need it via a web browser


Extensive academic research demonstrates real impact

How does it work?


Watch colleagues role playing the behavior you are trying to master


Your virtual coach then helps you deconstruct the critical elements of the task


Next you practice your new skills with the system and a live tutor. Sessions are recorded!


Upload your footage to the platform


Get personalised coaching feedback within 24 hours!

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Coaching value proposition

Are you a formally trained executive coach who would like a regular stream of business easily delivered on your schedule? Are you interested in helping to develop a revolutionary coaching tool which can scale up your impact significantly? Do you have Artificial Intelligence programming experience?

If you check at least one of the above three boxes, we’d like to hear from you. Be part of the next frontier of coaching – it’s going to be a thrilling ride!

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  1. Introduction to Coaching - $180
    Coaching is a powerful management tool which encourages our team members to have a sense of ownership when problem solving difficult situations in their professional environments. You will be introduced to a simple model for structuring your coaching conversations. You will practice using a list of questions which helps your coachee diagnose issues and plan a path forward. This is a high impact technique for increasing motivation and engagement in your team.
  2. Delivering Feedback Effectively - $180
    Learners get tips for giving good feedback and practice using a simple Context, What Happened, Impact and Way Forward framework. You will understand why high performing leaders and their teams regularly share feedback to improve performance and also why some colleagues may find it hard to “hear” developmental feedback. We include latest HBR research on the correct ratio of positive to development feedback. All these tactics improve the likelihood your feedback is effective!
  3. Developing Trust in Professional Environments - $180
    Trust sits at the heart of all great professional relationships and yet for many, trust can be seen as a behavior that is complex, intuitive and difficult to learn. We do not agree! In this scenario, we share four simple techniques that you can introduce into your business conversations that will help you build trust more quickly with colleagues. Add in good listening skills and a desire to truly understand what the other person needs from you and you have all the ingredients to build trust consistently in your business relationships!

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Introduction to Coaching - $180Delivering Feedback Effectively - $180Developing Trust in Professional Environments - $180

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