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Understand why feedback is so hard to give and receive. Learners get tips for giving good feedback and practice using a simple CWIW framework. It improves the likelihood your feedback is "heard"!

Learners start including four simple techniques in their conversations. By demonstrating credibility, reliability, intimacy and low self-focus, learners build trust more quickly with colleagues.

Learners get a simple model for structuring coaching conversations. They practice using a list of questions which help the coaches to diagnose issues and plan a path forward. A very empowering tool to support to your team and colleagues.

Industry 4.0 demands new skills & capacity. Getting what we need in a complex negotiation is at the forefront of the change. This scenario helps learners prepare effectively for productive win win negotiations.

Learners will understand why we avoid certain difficult conversations and learn valuable techniques for how to lead them with confidence and improve performance and relationships

Learners will practice how to communicate awareness of a new change to team members in an effective way. They will construct an effective change message in a systematic and compelling way