Managing Difficult Conversations


Learners will understand why we avoid certain difficult conversations and learn valuable techniques for how to lead them with confidence. Learners prepare to get better outcomes from their difficult conversations using a simple WHICHIEN framework. They will also understand the underlying neuroscience behind why the conversations are difficult and develop techniques for managing them better (even when they go off track)
Target audience: All employees
Price: US$200 excl VAT
What’s included?

  • Our proprietary 5 phase fully virtual learning journey
  • Access to all online materials recorded videos and feedback for 1 year
  • 1 x Livetutor video call for real time practice
  • 1 x feedback report
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After this learning journey, you will be able to:

  • Signal your motives and how to ground yourself emotionally to have a difficult conversation
  • Learn and practice the 6 critical components of how to lead a difficult conversation well using our proprietary WHICHIEN model
  • Increase awareness of the neuroscience that triggers us during different conversations and how to better manage it for both parties
  • Practice curiosity, active listening and neutralizing techniques