Leading Change Communications


Leaders will practice how to communicate awareness of a new change to team members. They will learn how to construct an effective change message in a systematic and compelling way. They will reflect on what their team members need to hear from them at the early stages of change and how they should deliver the message.
Target audience: Middle & Senior Managers & Team leaders
Price: US$300 excl VAT
What’s included?

  • Our proprietary 5 phase fully virtual learning journey
  • Access to all online materials recorded videos and feedback for 1 year
  • 1 x Livetutor video call for real time practice
  • 1 x feedback report
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After this learning journey, you will be able to:

  • Analyse the positive and negative drivers that have created the need for change and communicate them effectively
  • Share a compelling vision to motivate and engage your audience around expected outcomes
  • Clarifying What’s Changing & What is not
  • Demonstrate your willingness to understand the other’s perspective by showing curiosity and interest.
  • Being clear on timing, who in the organisation will be impacted and what are the specific implications for the person involved.
  • Show empathy and active listening skills